About His Art

He is presently working on a Series ‘In Search Of Self’ and ‘Budhha’. He began working on the subject “In Search Of Self” few years back. As the name suggests it is the search into one’s own inner self. Searching self is like searching the universe. It is a journey between earth and space. It may not necessarily be realistic search but bending towards obstructional concept. Life as we live is a heady mix of dreams and reality. In Search of self depicts a journey that begins from hope with reality interspersed in between. On the other hand, Buddhism starts with the assumption that normal functioning is full of suffering caused by a false sense of self, and works to get people from a state of “normal” to enlighten.

The colour and composition used in a simplest way emphasizes spirituality as a fact of the universe and the journey of the fact towards spirituality.

About the Artist

Mr. Prashant Wasudeorao Phusate

is a Mechanical Engineer, Ex-Banker (SBI Probationary) and Self taught non academic artist and a practicing Chartered Engineer, working in his Home Studio in Nagpur, India, started painting a flow of emotions right from his childhood and producing artwork with strong colours and textures, creating spontaneous and explosive canvases out of passion for art. Some paintings and photographs influenced him a lot which ultimately formed a major context of his paintings during growing up age. Suddenly he realised the vital importance of colour in his world. From expressionist style to figurative work, the result is extremely appealing, ranging from volcanic to serene. People, artists, places and social issues all trigger his imagination and his creativity. His creations enhance any surroundings. Prashant’s very sensitive personality shines through in the art that he creates.


2004 – Painting “Vanishing Freedom” displayed at 18Th Art Exhibition 2004, conducted by South Central Zonal Cultural Centre, Nagpur.
2014 -“Hot moon” art workshop and group exhibition by CISFA, Nagpur.
2015- “Art In Mind”, group show at The Brick Lane Gallery, LONDON, U.K.
2016- 8th International Art Festival, Group Show at JDA Perera Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
2016- Group Show at Chitnavis Centre, Nagpur.


Hyderabad Lalitkala Academy award.
Kalaniketan award.

Art activities

Editor- School Wall Magzine- Varnic.
Projects on Blood Donation, Eye Donation, Mowad relief fund, environment, AIDS, National Integration and 50 years of independence, UNICEF and Australia aided PEEP project for Chandrapur and Yeotmal Districts.

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